Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Butterflies for Amelia

I helped my 4 year old son put this card together for his little friend, Amelia, who had surgery this past week. He has been asking me to buy him these butterflies for months, I finally got them for him with the free shipping promotion a couple weeks ago. He picked out the blue background, and he insisted on "clouds." I stamped the "Thinking of You" banner and helped him paste it on. He pasted the rest of the butterflies on. 

Here's the inside of the card:

The first line is all his (inspired by Dr Suess, I think he meant to write, "All Rafi is Pup." (Random words he knows from "Pup is Up."). Then I helped him with some of the spelling for the rest. He misheard my "V" for a "B," hence the "LOBE"

Below are a few "card kits" I made for some of Rafi's 4 year old friends. I will be giving these to their mother's tomorrow night (Mother's Day Card Making night at my place). The kids can paste the pieces together to make cards for Amelia. Hopefully all these cards will make her feel better!

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